“Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.” E.B. White

No one can exist sanely without small escapes from the humdrum. I paint – and I live, on the Lookout. Much like a bird cocks it´s head at the slow-moving stir of dinner in the earth´s soil, I´m alert to the rough diamonds of the day. This is the way I survive the sameness and the dull grind. The Lookout, this watchfulness is the alpha and omega of the artist in me.

My work is highly symbolic, emotive. What starts as a cautionary black smudge on canvas ends in snaking paths of color, rich in impasto, scored by the dull ends of nails or palette knives. The heartbeat of each painting is my liberal use of charcoal blacks and umbers. They outline and shadow the characters and shapes that form the narrative, always one echoing my life. Vermillions, cadmiums, and cobalts  grow out of the pitch and sharpen into birds, small apes, humans, the odd rodent. I want both the grim and the bright to hum and throb alike. My mediums of choice are oil, charcoal, and inks.

I want my paintings to talk, sing, and chatter long after I become the slow-moving dinner in the earth´s soil. That is the long and short of what you need to know.